I am a linguist and software engineer.

I specialize in creative forms of communication.

While my strongest skills lie in computer science, my greatest passion is language, particularly the support and study of low-resource languages. I want to understand how individuals fit into layered multi-cultural societies and what tools communities need to be represented. One of my goals is to work collaboratively with low-resource and indigenous communities to develop tools for language documentation, pedagogy, and preservation. It is extremely important to center community members as collaborators in design and research processes to serve their needs. If you want to learn more about my interests, read about it here.

I spend most of my waking time building stuff and occasionally theorizing about programming languages and desktop environments. Professionally, I have worked for software companies and on various freelance projects with artists. I currently work with the Digital Archive of American Indian Languages Preservation & Perseverence (DAILP) to support Cherokee language writing and teaching practices. If you’d be interested in hiring me for a project, check out my resume, LinkedIn or GitHub for my experience and contact information.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking and crafting things from wood and fabric. I’m constantly traveling. Sometimes, I even like to write down my ideas.

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